Working on the glass

Most pieces of glass are ground and produced according to my ideas and in pure manual work.
Having a closer look at two pieces of my work which at the first view seem to be of the same kind, you will therefore find minimal differences. This is what makes my products so special: Each of them is a unique one according to manual work.
Beside the classical way of grinding glass, I also enjoy realizing my own ideas in this kind of work.
The grinding machine I use, a tool which was called „Kugler-tool“ or in German „Kugler-Werkzeug“, uses quite a simple mechanism and has not been changed for decades.
In former times, machines of this kind were driven by pedals which the user had to step on. This kind of drive has been replaced by an electric engine.
The Kugler-Machine itself contains a horizontal shaft turning at high speed and with the necessary grinding discs attached to its ends.
Nowadays, most people in my business use diamond grinding discs, while years ago silicium-based discs were used for rough and korund-based ones for small, thin cuts.