Why I am doing what I am doing

It is my job and vocation to change things, create something new, make things look more beautiful, realize my ideas and to let my work have results which bring happiness to other people.

I consider glass to be a fascinating material with nearly endless opportunities to work with.

I like the challenge of the following kind of thoughts or questions:

What can be done with this material? Are there any limits?

How does a room change his ambiance if a ground mirror is hung into it?

At which place can the vase “Licht-Vase” be put best to show her whole brilliance and beauty?

Products like mine cannot be manufactured in mass production, each piece of work is a kind of my favourite and the result of art work.

In my work, I follow the principle of manufacturing glass and realizing new ideas with this shimmering material of high quality. My work is based on the wide knowledge I got during a certified training at the“Glasfachschule Kramsach/Tirol
( Austria )”.

I am inspired by my wish to create new things.

Questions, ideas like the following are my inspiration:

Shall I realize my dreams in a mirror or a picture? How did royals see themselves watching into mirrors in former times?

I love the form of swung facets, the art forms produced in old Venice, the whole idea of manufacturing something beautiful and a piece of art..

Do you like cool architecture, the ambiance chrome and stone made furniture give a room?

Would you prefer cool transparency or the playful appearance of sparkling crystal glass?

Does any kind of light let my glasses sparkle that special way? If so, which kind of light?

There is a certain fascination for me in seeing large white walls and in the idea of giving them a certain brilliance by creating a wonderful mirror..This is exactly the point where craft meets and melts with art work…

I like finding out the limits of this work and passion.

So, I could sum up my motivation for working in this field as follows:

My strong wish to create and work with this wonderful material makes me do what I am currently doing!

Veronika Gisler