Veronicas Angel

There are many more things between heaven and earth than we will ever be able to see or imagine – Shakespeare already knew about that. Love, satisfaction, happiness – any kind of emotions cannot be proved but only felt and experienced. It is impossible to measure, prove or even explain them in an objective manner.

Veronica's Angel was given to me in one of these so-called „magic moments“.

Sitting at the bed of a dying woman and accompanying her in her last moments, I held her hand and was thinking about life and death. Silently, I talked to the woman about her way home, and I told her that there would be an angel waiting for her at heaven's door.

Immediately I saw her smiling happily and content, and in this moment I realized that my words had reached her. I was pleased that I had seemingly been able to help her to accept the situation and take away her fears of dying. Just in this moment I saw my angel, this wonderful little and simple angel which I could grind into glass.

This is the way Veronica's Angel was given to me in September 2004. In my opinion, it is a present from heaven!


I love grinding this special angel into fine crystal glass, and I am very pleased if this table is given as a present for the birth of a new baby. For such gifts, the name and the date of birth can be ground into the glass below the angel.  

“Veronica's Angel” is also a popular present for weddings. To make the day unforgettable, the couple's names and the wedding date can be ground into the fine crystal.  

Since I am so happy about having got this angel, I love grinding it into crystal glass, and I am convinced that much of the love and positive energy put into my work “fly” with this angel to its future owners.


Veronica's Angel - an angel of love, happiness and peace!